Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There is a first thing for everthing!

So I am trying this blog thing, unassisted by my tech people(AKA the Kids). So far my expensive satellite Internet won't let me post pics and my first post disappeared. So tomorrow when I can get up with my tech support and my mb's (whatever they are) refresh, I will post pics of my work and tell you all about what I've been up to!


  1. Hi Amy, I found you because I was looking up where to get Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. My husband and I were going to take a drive up into the Carloina's this weekend, how far away are you from Atlanta? Congrats on being the new stockist for the Chalk Paint, I haven't used it yet, but have some furniture just crying out for it. Lsfasig@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Amy, I just found you too...low and behold I'm here in Greenville! I haven't been to Ayden in a year or two so I saw you are located in Happy's Emporium...Can you let me know the hours? Look forward to getting some paint and meeting. chefmarybeth@gmail.com...Thanks!

    Mary Beth